As companies emerge from the pandemic (spring-2022), remember how critically important face-to-face relationship management matters.

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The Situation: Time together matters. Our client knew it was important to keep business relationships current and strong.  In addition they wanted to expand their regional network and introduce new people within their organization to local contacts.

Our busy client wanted an evening reception, dinner and networking event to happen, but did not have the time to plan, coordinate and manage it all.   We were called in to plan this single evening event


Our work included:

  • Planning the event & agenda (reception, dinner and engagement event (fire-side chat; CEO address))
  • Sourcing and contracting a venue (4 or 5-star)
  • Managing of event invitations, incl. communications and tracking & reporting
  • Developing managing the strategic briefing document for internal attendees (who targets whom; backgrounds & biographies; meeting/contact objectives)
  • Material development (menus; nametags; seating plan)
  • On-site leadership/support (for most)
  • Overall project management

 The Results: 

  • Strong, successful evening event for everyone. Relationships were made and/or deepened.
  • Face-to-face matters
  • (We’ve been asked to replicate this event 3 times to date)