Two critical relationships that must be actively nurtured. Are you ensuing these happen?

Easily host dinners/events for these stakeholders in October 2022 with Summit Toronto:

Sales & Relationship Building:
 Reception (6:00pm to 9:30pm) For: New prospects; Existing Clients; Clients-in-jeopardy
Investor Relationship:
Dinner (6:30pm to 9:30pm) For: Current Investors; Prospective Investors; Your BOD and Leadership Team
Both events provide wonderful opportunities to engage & sell prospects, clients and investors.  Plans & venue bookings for Fall 2022 events should be underway.  Summit Toronto can help you with any aspect you may need support on.  See what we do.
As we move into August, “hold-the-date” invitations should be sent in the next month to get the best attendance.  Let the Summit team advance your efforts at a reasonable cost.  
We’ve got some great partners & venues to consider and leverage: