1. Tao Downtown

Rarely have I had my breath literally taken away when I enter a venue.  This place blew me away.  From the second I walked in, it was an absolute must for a 100-person event we were planning.  Located in the Meat Packing district of New York, Tao Downtown was designed and built to look/feel as if it has been there for decades and only unearthed recently to reveal the artifacts within.  An incredible ‘drop-down-into-the-earth’ feel you will not forget.   A private (and popular) bar/nightclub joined and adjacent to the restaurant was used to host a pre-dinner reception (our client/guests could head there after!).  All so wonderfully done.   The Tao team was incredibly professional and accommodating, I recommend this space highly for any New York meeting, event/experience.

The Ned Hotel

2. Top of the Standard

Please do check-out the Top of the Standard (TOS) as a possible venue for an evening event or celebration.  Like Tao, this become a “must” for us.  Located in the Meat Packing district on the Hudson River, the TOS provides stellar views of New York no matter where you are in the space.  Easy to mingle, gather, sit (and/or not!) the staff and catering are unmatched, enjoyable and all first-class.  Housed within The Standard Hotel, this space is sophisticated, modern and private/exclusive.  Catering was incredible.  Do ensure you explore this hotel and event space for any reception your considering in NYC!

The Box SF

3. Morgan Library

Just a short walk from Grand Central and Penn Station, the Morgan Library is a major exhibition venue for fine art, literature, music. It’s both a New York City and a National Historic Landmark (1966).  For me, its a perfect mixture of ‘old’ and ‘new’. The original building was the private library of financier John Pierpont Morgan (J.P. Morgan) – banker/financier, who was one of the preeminent collectors and cultural benefactors in the United States.  In 2006, a 4-story modernist entrance/courtyard was added to double the exhibition space and allow scholars to examine manuscripts in natural light. This ‘new’ space is perfect for a spacious evening event. Hold a pre-dinner reception in Mr. Morgan’s library. All aspects are simply stately and elegant. A wonderful, historical New York evening.

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