As business resumes more actively and comfortably in September (2022), sales and business teams should be prioritizing in-person evening events.  

A 3–4-hour evening event provides ideal opportunities to:

  1. Save a deteriorating relationship
  2. Close a prospect
  3. Deepen and existing relationship

With gathering restrictions pretty much eased after 30-months, hosted evening reception is an ideal format to gather a mix of clients.  A nice venue, drinks and passed food provide an easy environment for you to make (long overdue) face-to-face contact with a mix of your clients.

For those clients who may be considering and/or soon to leave you for a competitor, it’s an off-the-record-type environment that you can more softly probe and understand why they are leaving.   Perhaps you can convince them to stay with you.   If not, you’ll have better insights as to where your company may be falling short.  There is no question that face-to-face conversations yield 10x in the information you’ll get from a phone-call or email.   

Also invite new prospects.  Get your management team over to them to show them interest.  Have them help close the sales process.  The invitation alone communicates that they/their business is important to you all.  

Ensure 1/3 of your invitees are existing (happy) clients.  Mix these people with the other two groups of invitees.  They may be able to tell exiting-clients that ‘the grass is not always greener’ outside your company, and why you are important to their business.  They may help you close sales with new prospects.  Ensure one of your sales/customer service reps remains close-by to pick-up the conversations and interactions.

Again, evening reception events are invaluable in your sales cycle of acquiring and retaining clients/business.  Make them a priority.  Hold them regularly.