While we are hunkered-down – not travelling or visiting restaurants – we wanted to share some of our favorite venues and memories to think about for 2021+ once we’re gathering again with good food and drink!  If you are hosting an event in Calgary, out these on your shortlist!

 1. River Café

One of my personal favourites over the past 8+ years (location, venue, food, experience). Founded ~30 years ago (summer of 1991) by Sal Howell, who envisioned and transformed an aging park concession on Calgary’s Prince’s Island into a sustainable, memorable restaurant. River Café is now an absolute gem of a venue and is consistently named one of the top 100 restaurants in Canada. All-Canadian cuisine, local ingredients, 5-star dining and service all within an environment of glass, exposed wood, stone and brick. We bought the restaurant out (for ~90 people) and had one of the nicest evenings, from drinks/oysters on the patio to a long, lingering candlelight dinner.  Do what you can to hold/host an event here!

River Cafe in Calgary

2. Teatro

A regular choice of ours. Conveniently located in downtown Calgary, Teatro is a remarkable, never-fail restaurant and event partner as well. Incredible people and service. They have a variety of spaces and set-ups (including an exclusive private room that can hold up to 50 seated with 18ft ceilings, its own entrance, bar, coat check and set of washrooms). Tetrao’s wonderful menu is inspired by flavours from the Mediterranean which guests consistently rave about. A great team and guest experience (which brings us back year-after-year).  

Teatro Restaurant in Calgary

3. Calgary Petroleum Club

The Calgary Petroleum Club (CPC) is a private club that acts as a gathering spot for Calgary’s business community. For 70 years this Club has been providing their members with world class amenities, talks, food and drink. With multiple rooms able to take groups of any size, this club can help you plan whatever event may be on the horizon. A sophisticated, luxurious environment with exceptional food and service.  Quick note: One has to be a member of the CPC or a Reciprocal Club to book an event space here.   

Calgary Petroleum Club