Summit Offsite

Recently, we planned and managed multiple in-person meetings/offsites around the globe for a Canadian multi-national.  “Gather inside, outside – it does not matter – we just need to get together, and safely!”, was the client’s direction.  

In early-2021 our client knew it was important to re-group its leadership team face-to-face after 14+months of remote work – including many leaders hired & onboarded during the pandemic.  Sept/October 2021 was targeted to allow for planning and for the vaccines to take-hold. 

With the client’s attention needed on returning their businesses & employees to post-lockdown readiness, Summit was engaged to execute these meetings.  Our efforts included:

  • Finding trusted, flexible venues that met our meeting & gathering needs
  • Developing contingency plans should public health guidelines restrict the meetings and/or number-of-attendees
  • Agenda development (well-balanced with a focus on relationship re-building)
  • Meeting invitations & attendee communications
  • Health/safety preparedness
  • Managing all logistics

Over 10+ meetings ran smoothly, safely and as planned.  Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  Attendees were especially grateful for the gesture from the company and the time to reconnect and rebuild relationships (both personal and professional).

Let us help you plan & deliver the same important experience. We know how & where to hold these.