Taking 80 Colleagues to a New City for 3-Days

 When Things Must be Perfect

    The Situation: When our client was looking to move their annual leadership meeting to a new international city (as well as plan, manage and help run it) we stuck-up our hands to help them.  Our experienced-client knew a new city and venue search – and associated logistics – would be a massive, and detailed undertaking.

    The Goal: Our client wanted its small, internal planning-team to focus 90% of their time/effort on the content of the meeting. As well, the team wanted to make this meeting extremely impactful, memorable and easy to attend/enjoy. 

     Our work included:

    • Examining/presenting possible international cities that met client criteria/objectives
      • Ensuring that appropriate accommodation and meeting venues were available for the set-of-dates that worked for the international leadership team
    • Once the city selected, deeper meeting-venue, accommodation and external event/activity explorations
    • Site-visits to fully assess pro’s, con’s and logistics of all spaces
    • Reviews, cost-assessments and recommendations to the planning-team
    • Once decided, contracting all venues & hotels
    • Agenda development & maintenance
    • Logistics planning & management (AV, catering & event materials)
    • Travel management tracking & reporting
    • Speaker/VIP liaison & logistics (white glove)
    • Attendee communications & meeting Pre-Read (36-pages)
    • On-site support & management
    • Budget management, reporting & reconciliation

    The Results:

    • The planning-team was able to stay focused on content/speakers while providing great value and input to logistical elements along-the-way without getting caught-up in all the detail. 
    • Follow-up surveys to attendees indicated that the 3-day meeting/gathering was a huge success (preparation; content; speakers logistics; communication; events and activities; venues and accommodations).
    • The client planning team was commended for their efforts/worked developing such an impactful offsite.