Employee Workshops -> Contribute to Business Planning

Securing Understanding, Engagement and Front-line Ideas

    The Situation: Our client was about to take his 300-person, well-established organization in a new, multi-year strategic direction. We counselled him to hold employee-workshops to engage his staff/teams for feedback and input to the plan and extract their ideas to make the effort more successful (and/or roadblocks to watch out for!). The best information and ideas are always with your staff/teams.

    Our client did not have the in-house resources to plan and run these workshops. We managed all.

    Our work included:

    • Designing the structure & nature of the workshops (length of time; # of attendees & table to extract the best information)
    • Developing all materials & presentations
    • Developing facilitators guide. Training table-facilitators
    • Writing necessary communications & workshop invitations
    • Running/facilitating all workshops
    • Producing individual and collective workshop reports
    • Compiling all results into executive report and presentation.

    The Results: 

    • The workshops yielded very positive feedback and understanding from employees on the strategic effort. Employees respected and valued being included in the planning of the CEO’s new strategic direction.
    • Employees contributed helpful/valuable ideas (that the CEO was unaware of) which were leveraged in the writing of the new 3-year strategic plan.
    • These workshops set a very important foundation for the CEO to continue updating and informing employees on the progress of the strategic initiative.