4-Day Toronto Conference 

4-Months to Organize All – From Invitations to travel home

    The Situation: Our client was asked to pull-together a 100-person, 4-day conference in Toronto within 4-months.  Our client-contact was provided a clear conference mandate & required outcome(s), but that was all;

    • No agenda planned. No content ready.  No speakers identified, or booked
    • Attendees had yet to specifically identified. They would need to be invited, followed-up with and have their travel to/from planned and managed
    • There was no venue, accommodations nor event-spaces booked. Lot’s to do.

    Our client called Summit to help her plan and manage all aspects of the conference for her, as she could only devote ~25% of her attention to this effort over the next few months.

    Our work included:

    • Securing an appropriate conference venue/hotel
    • Establishing the overall conference plan (4-days) to meet objectives
    • Planning daily conference sessions. Developing content & identifying possible speakers
    • Creating a conference website (with on-line registration capabilities)
    • Sending, tracking and reporting attendee invitations.
    • Managing attendee (and speaker) RSVPs. Working with in-house travel team to book travel
    • Venue management (catering & AV)
    • Developing of a workshop activity game (since produced 100 units for continued/local use)
    • Planning/Executing a wrap-up Gala Dinner
    • Designing, writing and producing an event “Welcome Package & Pre-read” (40 pages)
    • Designing/producing event materials (signage, nametags, Gala dinner materials; etc.)
    • On-site support & management (incl. full-time registration and conference HELP DESK)

    The Results: 

    • The 4-day conference was delivered on-time and in a professional, seamless manner
    • The objective of gathering and aligning 30+ disperse stakeholder groups on a common path forward was achieved
    • We believe we helped our client deliver this important conference with minimal disruption to her, her team or the organization